Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center

Community hospital and Level 1 trauma center

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Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center

We are a welcoming and healing environment, offering the latest medical technology and compassionate care for everyone who needs it, no matter your situation.

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center is a community hospital and Level 1 trauma center dedicated to improving the health and wellness of our community. We provide world-class care for all the people of San Francisco, regardless of ability to pay or immigration status.

We are:

  • The only Level 1 Trauma Center in San Francisco and northern San Mateo.
  • The hub of the city’s disaster response in an earthquake or major crisis.
  • Consistently recognized for our excellent care with Centers of Excellence in Neurotrauma, Stroke, and Orthopedics.
  • The world’s leader in HIV/AIDS care.
  • The largest psychiatric acute and rehabilitation hospital in San Francisco.
  • Home to 20 UCSF research centers, with research budgets exceeding $200 million annually.

High-quality pediatric care for infants, children, and teenagers.

From Birth to Age 21
The Children’s Health Center provides comprehensive, high-quality pediatric care for children from birth up to age 21. Our children’s health services include primary care for newborn and infants, children, and teenagers 6 days per week including evenings and Saturdays.

Comprehensive pediatric urgent care is available 7 days per week including evenings and most holidays (except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years day) at the Children’s Health Center on a drop-in basis for all children regardless of clinic affiliation.

Check out our Teen and Young Adult Health Center.

Specialty Care Just For Children
We also provide on-site pediatric specialty care for asthma, cardiology, dermatology, developmental pediatrics, neurology, urology, obesity/healthy lifestyles, and tattoo removal. Other specialties may be available at ZSFG in partnership with our adult medical colleagues.

Specialized Services

In addition to general pediatric care, we offer a unique program of pediatric specialty care and specialized services.

  • Newborn Clinic
  • Childhood and Adolescent Vaccination Clinic
  • Phlebotomy (blood test) Services
  • Social Work & Counseling
  • Developmental Assessment
  • Case Management
  • Nutrition/WIC Counseling
  • Mental Health Support
  • Teen and Young Adult Center
  • Nutrition and Behavioral Health

Our Providers

  • Shon Jain, Advising Medical Director
  • Amy Whittle, Associate Medical Director of Integrated Care
  • David Gordon, Associate Medical Director of Urgent Care
  • Eleanor Chung, Associate Director of Specialty Care
  • Gaspar Rivera, Associate Director of Primary Care
  • Taylor Clark, Associate Medical Director of Quality Improvement
  • Kate Margolis, Director of Behavioral Health Treatment
  • Tonia Vega, Interim Nurse Manager
  • Dominique Nash, Eligibility Supervisor
  • Lidia Sanchez, Practice Manager


  • Naomi Bardach, Urgent Care Physician
  • Amy Beck, Urgent Care Physician
  • Heather Briscoe, Urgent Care Physician
  • Tonya Chaffee, Primary Care Physician
  • Mabel Chan, Primary Care Physician
  • Taylor Clark, Urgent Care Physician
  • Edward Cruz, Primary Care Physician
  • Clem Donahue, Primary Care physician
  • Neeti Doshi, Primary Care Physician
  • Susan Fisher-Owens, Primary Care Physician
  • Margaret Gilbreth, Primary Care Physician
  • Valerie Gribben, Primary Care Physician
  • Raul Gutierrez, Primary Care Physician
  • Anda Kuo, Primary Care Physician
  • Ellen Laves, Urgent Care Physician
  • Jyothi Marbin, Urgent Care Physician
  • Andrea Marmor, Urgent Care Physician
  • Zea Mallawa, Primary Care Physician
  • Dannielle McBride, Primary Care Physician
  • Meg McNamara, Primary Care Physician
  • Matt Pantell, Urgent Care Physician
  • Teresa Tuan, Urgent Care Physician


  • Jessica Axelrod, Nurse Practitioner
  • Tina Chang, Nurse Practitioner
  • Veronica Fuata, Nurse Practitioner
  • Bridget Gramkowski, Nurse Practitioner
  • Kimberlee Honda, Nurse Practitioner
  • Janis Mandac, Dy Nurse Practitioner
  • Christine Mayor, Nurse Practitioner
  • Fion Ng, Nurse Practitioner
  • Andrea Shah, Nurse Practitioner
  • Pallavi Shah, Nurse Practitioner
  • Rumi Yokota, Cardiology Nurse Practitioner


  • Chris Stewart, Child Abuse Specialist
  • Sarah Kim, Diabetologist
  • Sarah Coates, Dermatologist
  • Pauline Grissom, Nutritionist
  • Jacqueline Fangonilo, Nutritionist
  • William Weis, Neurologist
  • Bethany Johnson-Kerner, Neurologist
  • Melanie Callen, Development and Educational Specialist


  • Erin Meloty-Kapella, Behavioral Health Supervisor
  • Janelle Bercun, Healthy Steps Specialist
  • Stephanie Guzman Lopez, Behavioral Health Clinician
  • Kathryn Hallinan, Healthy Steps Specialist
  • Pablo Lo Giudice, Behavioral Health Clinician

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