Dr Rajiv Arora

MBBS, MCSEPI, P.G.C. in psychosexual medicine & AIDS/HIV/STD’s management

Dr. Rajiv Arora is the director of Perfect Clinic in Pitampura, New Delhi (India) and is having medical Qualification M.B.B.S., MCSEPI (India), P.G.C in psychosexual medicine and AIDS/HIV/STD’s management. He is also certified sexologist & counselor. He is member of Ccouncil of Sex Education & Parenthood (International) and member of Association of Sex Education Counselor & Therapist & Medicine Sexual Science (Mumbai)
Over a period of his medical career Dr. Rajiv Arora who is a super specialist in field of sexology and sexual health is very much interested in creating awareness about sexual life in Indian society. He continuously participates in activities regarding development of sexology (sexual medicine) and mental health that are organized by various societies, organization, forums and institutions of Reproductive and Sexual Health Experts. His patients are enjoying happy sexual, mental and social life after treatment. His motto is “ENJOYABLE AND APPRECIABLE SEXUAL AND MENTAL HEALTH FOR EVERY ONE”. According to him SEXERCISE (sex as enjoyable exercise) is must for everyone to attain positive sexual and mental health.
Dr. Rajiv Arora is getting patient for reproductive and sexual health related problems from all over Delhi, all over India.


Male Sex Problems

> Erectile Dysfunction

> Premature ejaculation

> Delayed ejaculation

> Low testosterone

> Desire problems/ HSDD

> Sex in Senior years

> Ejaculatory problems

> Female Partner’s Sexual


> Penis size problems

> Premarital Counselling

> Infertility

Female Sex Problems

> Desire Problems/ HSDD

> Female Sexual 

> Dysfunction

> Genital pain/ Dyspareunia

> Dryness of vagina

> Endometriosis

> Estrogen Deficiency

> Hypogonadism

> Hysterectomy

> Sexual Aversion

Menopause/ Peri-  menopause