MocDoc LIMS System – Cloud-Based Pathology Lab Software


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MocDoc LIMS System – Cloud-Based Pathology Lab Software: MocDoc’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) stands as a pinnacle of innovation in pathology lab software. Tailored to meet the unique needs of modern laboratories, our cloud-based LIMS optimizes processes, guarantees accuracy, and elevates lab operations. With MocDoc LIMS, laboratories enter a realm of seamless digital management, enhancing workflows and ensuring precise, efficient, and reliable lab operations.

MocDoc LIMS System – Cloud-Based Pathology Lab Software Features:

-Patient Records Management

-Appointment Scheduling

-Billing and Invoicing

-Electronic Health Records (EHR)

-Inventory and Pharmacy Management

-Laboratory Information System (LIS)

-Financial Management

-Reporting and Analytics

We are passionate about Technology and we are passionate about Healthcare. With a collective experience of more than 9+ years in Healthcare, Healthcare Technology, Marketing, Customer Service and Information Management, Team MocDoc LIMS System – Cloud-Based Pathology Lab Softwarehas the experience and is uniquely positioned to understand and meet the challenges that are inherent in the Healthcare sector.

MocDoc LIMS System - Cloud-Based Pathology Lab Software

Most healthcare software systems rely on outdated client server technologies accessible only from network connected desktop computers installed on premises. MocDoc LIMS System – Cloud-Based Pathology Lab Softwarefundamentally changes how you manage your Clinic / Hospitals. With MocDoc LIMS System – Cloud-Based Pathology Lab Software, you get a fully integrated healthcare management suite delivered on a cloud-based platform providing you a robust, secure and available solution for your needs.

Onboarding On Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission With MocDoc LIMS System – Cloud-Based Pathology Lab Software


Here’s how ABDM uses the MocDoc software to accomplish the mission of providing digital
healthcare solutions to end users.

Milestone – 1

– Creating ABHA account: The ABHA ID is created, and verified for every user, to further use
the same throughout the service.

Milestone – 2

– Developing Health Information Provider services: The medical records of every user is
collected and stored with their consent, to help with medical assistance.

Milestone – 3

 Developing Health Information User services : The stored medical records are made
accessible for new health service provider, with the consent of the user.

Incorporating the Electronic Health Records :
Tired of maintaining paper-based medical records over a long period? Keep it simple and tracked
with “MocDoc LIMS System – Cloud-Based Pathology Lab Software ”!
This software helps the users to store their health records for future reference, thereby helping them
to safeguard data privacy, carry them digitally anywhere, and also go paperless. Having health
records online and accessible from anywhere, also helps the users to keep track of these records
and also produce them to the healthcare professionals as and when required.
Prescriptions, Doctor reviews, Records of health and treatments, all in one place!! That would be a
great deal.

Doctor discovery :
This option allows the individual to look for doctors in their neighborhood, which comes in handy in
different situations like seeking medical assistance in a different location from their own, or during

Access to patient history :
This helps the healthcare professionals to give immediate medical assistance to the patient, based
on their past health records and previous medications. It especially helps in avoiding the wrong
medication, during times of emergency, or also if the patient is not able to produce their previous
health records, physically.

Telemedicine facility :
MocDoc LIMS System – Cloud-Based Pathology Lab Software proves its ability to help users with video consultation services, which has made ABDM a
step better in terms of the services offered, both ways, to the patients as well as the healthcare
professionals. This facility helps the users to reduce waiting or traveling time, have regular review
meet up based on the timelines as required, and allows the users to have this done from anywhere
and at any time, without the need to miss either of the circumstances.

Digitization – the future of healthcare

With the world changing fast, and technology being incorporated widely, into almost every industry,
the healthcare industry is in immediate need of digitization. This helps the government to ensure the
best health services that could be provided to every citizen of the country. Having quick access to
medical records and the ability to match the requirement to the proper service provider, can be a
game-changing factor, thus saving lives, day to day. Try MocDoc software for improving the user
experience, in the digital world

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