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Chiranjeev Hospital® & Nursing Institute


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Chiranjeev Hospital is committed to deliver high quality patient care through applications of latest technology coupled with medical excellence, ensuring safety of treatment during patient’s stay, promoting an environment of continuous quality improvement and complying with statutory regulations.

To set a benchmark of excellence in advanced, Hi-tech multi disciplinary medical services in India, Offering high quality healthcare and tertiary care facilities.The mission of Chiranjeev Hospital is to provide quality healthcare with compassion efficiency. To apply and share new technology. To Promote an environment in the hospital that facilitates protection of patient’s rights and commitment towards patient care. To include preventive healthcare practices in addition to treatment applications without discrimination of religion, Language, Race and Gender.

Chiranjeev Hospital was started with the aim of providing quality and affordable medical services to the people of Faizabad and its bordering districts.
I am proud to say that every day we aspire to live up to the objectives that form the very foundation of this facility .Hospital cares for surgical, medical and maternity patients mostly for the poor sector.
To ensure that all our patients receive the best medical care, we have brought together the finest medical team for whom  the patient’s health and care is the utmost priority.
The very latest technology and a strong network allowing our top-class physicians to provide quality treatment and results are fully supported. Our excellent staff always strive to exceed the expectations of our patients for the short time they are in our care.
We are proud to have a high standard of service and are also grateful to our public and there constant credence on us that allows us to support the lowest and most vulnerable with free or heavily supported treatment(Under AYUSHMAN BHARAT Scheme).

There has been a steady increase in the healthcare sector and we are well positioned to expand rapidly across certified and accepted operating processes to treat more and more patients with quality clinical treatment.
We at Chiranjeev hospital are equally prepared to create a brand name of the highest standard for healthcare delivery with a emphasis on quality patient care.
We are strongly concentrated on consistency, reliability and transparency, for which we aim to create standards of continued success that can not be exceeded.
The key goal of our hospital is to provide patient care facilities at a very affordable rate, with the latest state-of-the-art technology and a wide variety of clinical services by highly trained ,